Men’s ushanka hats

Icy times … Much is suffered fighting that cold, right? It is urgent for us to have a hat that protects us, but not just any one, but one that has certain peculiarities that make it more enjoyable to live with this adverse climate…

…Or you may have been unlucky enough to locate yourself in a geographical point on earth where, even if you don’t want to, it will be a very hot weather

With the Ushanka hat all those problems will disappear at once and not only that, you will go to the latest in men’s fashion, wearing a new and brand-new look worthy of being praised by all / as

Take a look and choose the model that you like the most in the catalog of ushankas hats for men most updated and the latest in the market!

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What models of men’s ushanka hats do we find for sale in the current online market?

With a simple and intuitive classification based on whether it has patterns, the shape of the hat and the fabric from which it is made, we are going to distinguish first-hand what kinds of ushanka hats for men exist today:

Ushanka hats with soviet insignia for men

This model differs from the others depending on the type of leather for which they are made, which can be a part in leather fabric and another part in cotton, due to the color of the fabric, with white and black being the colors that most we find, and the shape that the Russian cap will adopt , which can be more rectilinear oval. In other words, it can have a larger or smaller volume. Ushanka hats with Soviet insignia can be distinguished whether or not they have ear flaps, being folded into the top of the hat

They come sizes that can be conformed in cm or in the nomenclature of M, L, XL, XS, XXS, etc. The different patterns that can be used are especially the symbol of communism, the star of the Red Army and the USSR. At the bottom of the ear muffs you can have strings that will hold the chin. The print is present on the front of the hat and is a prototype of a ushanka hat exclusive to the male gender given its use of yesteryear.

Aviator ushanka hats for men

This is one of the most demanded models of ushanka hats for men and they are also known as the male ushanka hats of the aviator, hunter or tropper type . They differ from the rest because the thickness of many of the models is thinner than the rest of the segment , given the use that was given to it in ancient times, which was to protect hair and ears during flight operations of Russian military armies.

This type of male ushanka shapka was used and is usually accompanied by sunglasses . Being a much more restrained look, the hat goes more unnoticed. This allows us to include some type of accessory around it that combines well, if you want to show it off with a touch. Some of the men’s aviator-type ushanka hats may be printed with real Soviet insignia and are made from materials such as wool, cotton, or polyester . Their earmuffs are the largest in the segment and are the lightest hats in the entire segment.

Cossack type ushanka hats for men

Another range of shapka ushanka highly sought after by the men’s sector is the so-called cossack . It adopts a more generalized design , with a round cup and a slight rectangular fold around the cup. Its design reminds us of an ordinary winter hat, made of wool and with a round fringe just at the tip, in the style of a Christmas hat. In this model its shape is totally curved, following the compass of the head and it is made entirely of organic leather.

It can come in different shades of black, in dark green and brown colors, and in shades of gray. Also in more cheerful colors like white . They have unique sizes and their elastic cuticle allows a perfect mold on the head of any person. They are the most minimalist men’s ushanka coif in the entire online market for men’s ushanka . Ideal to wear at home or in a restaurant, any circumstance in which we are standing, not moving or in contact with nature

Ushanka hats dyed in animal fur linings for men

Ushanka hats for men made by cuticle of animal origin can come in either cossack or hunter type. Less present with Soviet insignia. Less present no. It is that there are not directly. They are the most innovative and extravagant men’s shapka ushanka models on the market, firstly because of the type of material used, 100% of animal origin, and because of its arrangement, which from a distance is perceived as a loose volume ushanka hat . But they are also the highest in price because the extraction of the material requires a more expensive labor

All of them can be found in a color palette of green, red, navy blue, black, white, gray, etc. , with the possibility of covering our ears with earmuffs, folding them to the numbers of the Russian hoods or removing them . They are the prototypes with the greatest variety of colors and the most elegant in the segment, worthy of being worn on a Russian fashion catwalk. They come in skimpy fittings starting at XXS , to loose fitting XXL fittings

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