The Ultimate Guide to Finding Out Your Exact Ushanka Hat Size!

You go researching the net, you spend minutes looking for that exact model of ushanka hat with a stamp of masculinity or femininity, even hours, if you don’t know which particular ushanka you want, you find it at a good price, everything goes like a sea of roses…

…Until you realize something very important: that particular model is sold in a single size or you have several sizes to choose from , and in that compulsive process that we all go through, including us, we can overlook such obvious things how to know which is the exact fit of the ushanka hat we need

We have come cases of customers who do not fit perfectly molded them Russian hat on his head, with the bad luck that the seller did not offer option no return, so they had to return to shell out money and pay his Russian hat by doble

We do not want this to happen to you, and if there is something for, it is to make your life easier: With a short, concise, direct and easy-to-read text, you will discover the size of Russian hat you need and This way you will ensure 100% that your purchase will not be in vain 😉

Something similar to this is what you will see depending on whether you buy your Russian hat on Amazon, eBay or Etsy . As you may have noticed, they are grouped, in this particular case, both in the nomenclature of the sizes and the centimeters associated with that size. We say this particular case because it is possible that you will find another type of table that differs a little from this one, not so detailed, and make a bit of a mess

Good. Once you have looked at it, that magical question will be haunting you in your head of … how can I measure the dimension or radius of my head? For this you will need utensils that you surely have stored at home:

  • A tape measure
  • One meter
  • A rule
  • A pen

And period! Now, it may be that you do not have either of the two things, then what you will do is grab several pages, sheets of newspaper, notebooks or any place where you can overflow your head, and leaning your head forward and marking a sign right in the center of the eyebrows that any element paints, you are going to mark it on the paper or the place where you have rested your head

That mark has to be well signposted because it will be 50% to later obtain the desired measure. You can place the index finger on the center of the eyebrows, in case you do not have paint, and without moving it, approach the paper and overflow the finger on the paper, again without moving it and marking the outline of the index finger with the help of a pen.

The next thing you will do is take a 360ºC turn , returning to have that central point of the eyebrow forward but at the other end. For it to be successful, the base must be vertically hung from a partition or horizontally and that you are lying down, either on the floor or on the bed . Preferably it is a uniform and not softened floor like that of mattresses. Thus, the calculation of the dimensions are more exact

Once you have done this, you will need any ruler, whatever size it is and you will calculate the exact dimensions of your head . This is the “sloppy” mode if you don’t have a rubber band to quantify the radius of your head. Now we go with the other way, the safest and most effective way to calculate the length of the head: All you have to do is grab your measuring tape and starting from the ears 1.5cm or 2cm, place the tape and turn it 360º degrees, just like the other mode

You do this because it is in that specific area on the side of the head where, together with its other end, the two furthest points meet . In other words, the most enlarged area of ​​the head. If you want the Russian hat not only to fit well but not to fly off or fall off when you bend over, you have to choose the exact size as a result of the measurement that came out. If you get a measurement in decimals and not exact, whatever method you use, you will have to take into account the following:

  • For measurements in the range between 54cm and 55cm , with decimals slightly less than 54cm or greater than 55cm, size XS is the one you need
  • For measurements in the range between 56cm and 57cm , with decimals slightly less than 56cm or greater than 57cm, size S is what you need
  • For measurements in the range between 58cm and 59cm , with decimals slightly less than 58cm or greater than 59cm, size M is what you need
  • For measurements in the range between 60cm and 61cm , with decimals slightly less than 60cm or greater than 61cm, size L is what you need
  • For measurements in the range between 62cm and 63cm , with decimals slightly less than 62cm or greater than 62cm, size XL is the one you need
  • For measurements in the range of 64cm , with decimals slightly lower or higher than 64cm, size XXL is what you need

When we tell you slightly lower decimals, such as decimals slightly lower than 62cm, we mean 61.7cm and no lower than that value, to give you an idea . If you see that you get a table like this , with the ranges that we have told you, you will know in advance which is your Russian hat fit

In countries like the US or Canada, these cm can be in inches . Click here to calculate it. It can also come in US7 1/2, US 7 1/4, or US 7 nomenclatures . To know what nomenclature belongs to size S, M or vice versa, you also have it in the photo that we leave you above

That’s all dear user! For our part, we are already calm knowing that you will acquire your favorite model and with that exact size thanks to the help of us. How cool 😊!