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This peculiar Russian aviator hat is also called Shapka-ushanka and is characterized by being a hat that has ear flaps that, at our free will, we can decide whether to tie them at the top or not, depending on how cold we are feeling.

Currently it is not possible to firmly affirm which is the origin of the Ushanka: It is said that it was adopted by the Mongols during medieval times and that would explain why we see it being carried even in places like South Korea or China.

Our new genuine ushanka hats catalog: Exclusively for the male and female sex!

Dear customer: We have prepared this inventory of Russian military hats and all kinds of ushanka fur hats in leather, real rabbit fur, fox or raccoon, adapted to both your current budget and your personal tastes.

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What models of ushanka hats are currently for sale?

The Men’s ushanka hats

Icy times … Much is suffered fighting that cold, right? It is urgent for us to have a hat that protects us, but not just any one, but one that has certain peculiarities that make it more enjoyable to live with this adverse climate…

…Or you may have been unlucky enough to locate yourself in a geographical point on earth where, even if you don’t want to, it will be a very hot weather

With the Ushanka hat all those problems will disappear at once and not only that, you will go to the latest in men’s fashion, wearing a new and brand-new look worthy of being praised by all / as

Take a look and choose the model that you like the most in the catalog of ushankas hats for men most updated and the latest in the market!

Best Deals on Ushanka Hats for Men Today on Amazon

What models of men’s ushanka hats do we find for sale in the current online market?

With a simple and intuitive classification based on whether it has patterns, the shape of the hat and the fabric from which it is made, we are going to distinguish first-hand what kinds of ushanka hats for men exist today:

Ushanka hats with soviet insignia for men

This model differs from the others depending on the type of leather for which they are made, which can be a part in leather fabric and another part in cotton, due to the color of the fabric, with white and black being the colors that most we find, and the shape that the Russian cap will adopt , which can be more rectilinear oval. In other words, it can have a larger or smaller volume. Ushanka hats with Soviet insignia can be distinguished whether or not they have ear flaps, being folded into the top of the hat

They come sizes that can be conformed in cm or in the nomenclature of M, L, XL, XS, XXS, etc. The different patterns that can be used are especially the symbol of communism, the star of the Red Army and the USSR. At the bottom of the ear muffs you can have strings that will hold the chin. The print is present on the front of the hat and is a prototype of a ushanka hat exclusive to the male gender given its use of yesteryear.

Aviator ushanka hats for men

This is one of the most demanded models of ushanka hats for men and they are also known as the male ushanka hats of the aviator, hunter or tropper type . They differ from the rest because the thickness of many of the models is thinner than the rest of the segment , given the use that was given to it in ancient times, which was to protect hair and ears during flight operations of Russian military armies.

This type of male ushanka shapka was used and is usually accompanied by sunglasses . Being a much more restrained look, the hat goes more unnoticed. This allows us to include some type of accessory around it that combines well, if you want to show it off with a touch. Some of the men’s aviator-type ushanka hats may be printed with real Soviet insignia and are made from materials such as wool, cotton, or polyester . Their earmuffs are the largest in the segment and are the lightest hats in the entire segment.

Cossack type ushanka hats for men

Another range of shapka ushanka highly sought after by the men’s sector is the so-called cossack . It adopts a more generalized design , with a round cup and a slight rectangular fold around the cup. Its design reminds us of an ordinary winter hat, made of wool and with a round fringe just at the tip, in the style of a Christmas hat. In this model its shape is totally curved, following the compass of the head and it is made entirely of organic leather.

It can come in different shades of black, in dark green and brown colors, and in shades of gray. Also in more cheerful colors like white . They have unique sizes and their elastic cuticle allows a perfect mold on the head of any person. They are the most minimalist men’s ushanka coif in the entire online market for men’s ushanka . Ideal to wear at home or in a restaurant, any circumstance in which we are standing, not moving or in contact with nature

Ushanka hats dyed in animal fur linings for men

Ushanka hats for men made by cuticle of animal origin can come in either cossack or hunter type. Less present with Soviet insignia. Less present no. It is that there are not directly. They are the most innovative and extravagant men’s shapka ushanka models on the market, firstly because of the type of material used, 100% of animal origin, and because of its arrangement, which from a distance is perceived as a loose volume ushanka hat . But they are also the highest in price because the extraction of the material requires a more expensive labor

All of them can be found in a color palette of green, red, navy blue, black, white, gray, etc. , with the possibility of covering our ears with earmuffs, folding them to the numbers of the Russian hoods or removing them . They are the prototypes with the greatest variety of colors and the most elegant in the segment, worthy of being worn on a Russian fashion catwalk. They come in skimpy fittings starting at XXS , to loose fitting XXL fittings

Why buy ushanka hats for men in our online shop?

The range of possibilities you have when buying the ushanka hat that you like the most are very wide: Furhatworld, Joom, Mercado Libre, Aliexpress, Etsy, Amazon or Ebay are some of the most significant. They are the last 3 with which we collaborate and you will obtain, from the first moment, a safe and risk-free transaction in the acquisition of your male Russian hat

The alpha male ushanka hat models that you see on sale on our website come directly from Amazon, Ebay and Etsy . We have decided to select these 3 and discard the rest due to its rapid policy of faster or less rapid shipping , greater stock of products , promotions and discounts from time to time , possibility of returning the male ushanka cap within a period of 14-30 days, the best means of payment to pay the male ushanka such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Revolut, Gpay, and the best possible list of ushanka hats for men at all prices, from men’s ushanka hats at cheap costs to the most expensive on the market

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The Women’s ushanka hats

Tired of opening your wardrobe and not having that particular hat that best shelters in the world? It is neither more nor less that we refer to that virile Russian hat, a unique accessory in the market, with a very characteristic design that is increasingly taking on a more indispensable role in women’s fashion

We preserve the most traditional styles but also the most contemporary , making it ideal to wear, just some of them, as if it were a Russian fashion runway of ushanka hats. We want that head of yours to be covered and insulated from the cold as it deserves. We want you to look stylish. Therefore…

… We have prepared the most varied catalog of ushanka hats for women , the latest and most diverse in the entire online market. Choose your favorite model and look in the mirror like you have never done before!

List of the Best Ushankas Hats Deals for Women on Amazon Today

What models of womanish ushanka hats are for sale in the current online market?

Dear woman, with a simple, practical and instant application, you will know in advance how to group each of the female shakpa ushanka hats that we find for sale. These are the ones with the largest stock and the most demanded based on these details:

Hunter-type ushanka hats for women

This model of female Russian hat is also known as a tropper, trapper, aviator or military. They are made of a double material: animal fabric in wool or cotton and leather in uniform colors such as blue, white or black, green, brown, etc. The skin that stands out the most can be the same shade as the hat or in a different color. The range of colors that we find in this type of material are black, subtly white and golden shades . They are the lightest ushankas of the female segment and make a clear allusion to the Russian military troops

They have ear flaps which can be attached to the top of the hat or directly removedThey are the longest in the segment since the people of yesteryear used it to protect themselves from the cold and the blizzard produced by the speed at which fighter-type aircraft were going. That is why one of the names that is given is precisely that of hunter, alluding to what we told you. The hunter-type ushanka hat for women is sold in sizes small, medium and large: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL . Unlike the male gender, they do not have strings hanging on the earmuffs , but rather a kind of strap and a lace to act as a support.

Cossack style ushanka hats for women

They are one of the best-selling shapka ushanka models in the female sector. Its minimalism, accompanied by the diverse range of colors it presents and the detail of having Soviet prints included, something not so present in the male sector, makes this hat one of the most requested by every woman . Its size is the most restrained and the lightest. Unlike the male gender, it does not have a part of the crown enclosing the entire hat but it is divided between the ear flaps and the forehead.

We have for sale ushanka caps in the cossack style for women in ranges such as light brown, light green, gray and more classic colors or black . All of them can be accompanied by the instinct of communism or a star. Some may have longer ear flaps, others less long, and all of them are made of the same material as the male cossack-type ushanka hat: 100% animal-derived leather . We can not find leather anywhere, which makes it an ideal model to wear it in any interior, be it a restaurant, supermarket or shopping center, without taking it off

Ushanka hats filled with organic animal fur for women

These ushanka caps covered by cuticle of animal origin can be found in the aviator type, such as cossack, as with Soviet prints . As with the male sector, they are the ushanka caps for less restrained women of the entire segment, with a higher volume than normal and ideal to be worn in the middle of the street while we go for a walk or we want to look with a more model style of female russian hat . They are entirely made of organic elements and we can have looser or less loose fronts, and looser or less loose earmuffs.

Other models of female ushanka caps filled with organic animal fur can have larger, smaller ear flaps, with or without protruding small strings , giving us the possibility to tie them to the chin. The same with the glass: it can have volumes that are more or less prime, and in all styles, such as the cossack or hunter class. This womanish ushanka shapka model can come in unique sizes given the mix in its design

Ushanka hats with earring fringed ornate ear flaps for women

They come made of sheepskin, raccoon or fox skins, only part of them, while the other parts of synthetic material or leather . This is one of the first distinctions in this range of women’s ushanka hats. The second is the dressing in the form of a thin rope and a large ball at the end that has both ear flaps , something not found in the men’s sector and that makes it the prototype of an exclusive Russian hat for women. And the third is the color palette that we have printed on organic fabrics, with many variety of shades.

This particular model comes in a feminine aviator-style Russian hat look, with a slightly baggy crown and ear flaps from a standard size to a longer size . The effeminate hat in the trendiest tropper style. This is how we catalog this particular hat. However, you have to know that they are the most expensive female ushanka hats on the market. Its complex design, with that mixture of materials that is easy to extract, and that are less sold in mass, explains the price

Why buy ushanka hats for women in our online shop?

For the simple reason that you have discovered the most complete web about female Russian caps that you can come across on the internet. From here you will have first-hand access to the best offers of ushankas hats for women on the online market in just a few clicks

You have the guarantee that we work expressly with Amazon, Ebay and Etsy , three of the most important online stores. that provide international service throughout the world. A subsection: If another type of website like Mercado Libre is better for you to carry out your transaction due to your geographical location , such as Colombia , let us know by clicking here

All the Russian shakpa ushanka hats for teenage women and adult ladies that you see for sale come directly from these websites, with an excellent consumer law policy, with a personalized shipping method , with extra cost to be paid depending on how fast that you want to receive your female Russian hat at home, with an indefinite stock , with temporary access to promotions and discounts , with an excellent return policy, in which within 14-30 days you can return your female Russian ushanka if it was not what you expected

And with the best possible inventory of ushanka hats for women at all prices and for all budgets: we start from ushanka hats for women at cheaper and more modest costs, at higher and less affordable costs. In 24H-48H , you will perceive a ring at your house and that will be good news, because you will finally meet in person one of your next favorite clothing accessories

Dear adolescent or adult woman : What more ideal place to buy the ushanka hat for women than directly from our site? A priori, it may seem that we only care about men by the name of our website, but we also have a special space saved for you 😊

Why buy ushanka hats in our online store?

The repertoire of websites that you have to buy your ushanka cap is vast: You have Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Furhatworld among the main ones. The presence of all of them means that in just a few clicks you have ushanka hats for adults of all types of sizes, in different shapes, in different ranges and at different prices . Our inventory of ushanka hats is designed based on all these variables and adapted at all times to your current budget. How? Simple:

You have available ushanka hats in affordable prices and cheaper to ushanka caps in higher and more expensive amounts . By collaborating with various stores such as the top 3 brands named above, we display the amounts of Russian hats from each of those stores. This means that we can have that diversity in prices for your luck, right?

You have the best market segmentation in ushanka hats , both by the store where you want to buy it, by the kind of ushanka you want or according to a specific color that you are interested in, you have 24-hour stock with each of your Russian caps, with availability immediate , personalized shipping methods , with shipping delays less late than 24 hours or later than just over 72 hours , some of them subject to extra shipping costs, discounts and temporary promotions for certain prototypes of ushanka hats, attention to the personalized customer every day of the year, parcel companies such as UPSor DHL

The best means of payment to pay for your ushanka hat such as debit or credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, GPay, Revolut, BNext or cash on delivery , depending on the store where you buy it. You have the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase phase more adapted to the latest one today. All this will guarantee that you are exempt from losing your money thanks to the fact that it has a recently updated consumer policy.

A very important nuance is the return of your ushanka hat based on the fact that you have not made the wrong size, the design is not what you expected or you simply did not like how it looks on your head . Well, you know that depending on the store where you get the ushanka hat, you have from two weeks to request a return up to 4 weeks and even 8 weeks , although it is not usual. In other words, you have a maximum period of 14 to 30 days to require it to be picked up and exchanged for a new one if you do not want to pay it twice. The whole process is carried out by the store where you bought it and by the seller. You don’t lose any money

Another important detail to comment on is if you decide to obtain an archetype of expensive ushanka hat above $ 100 : Know that many models, coming from abroad and entering a certain country, are subject to customs taxes . It always happens with high-priced products. From a minimum amount, which varies according to the country, we suffer from this tax that takes many by surprise. What does this mean? That you will have to pay more than what it cost you in that particular store where you will buy it. The more you pay, the greater the extra amount of money to pay

If you do not pay this tax, your Russian ushanka cap will be held at the international airport of your country and you will never receive it . That is why it is vital that you inform yourself in detail about this that we are commenting on. We told you what you need to know. If you need more information, tell us where you live by contacting us and we will reveal more small print, such as what will be the total toll to pay or whether or not you will suffer from this tax

There are no excuses not to award yourself with that ushanka cap that most catches your attention, idolizes you and is in charge of protecting you from the cold in the typical winter storms of every year in countries like the United States, on the outskirts of that particular cabin , in the middle of the mountain, to which you intend to go together with your partner or to cover your head with style, and at the same time, doing a good to your health

We are not a simple website, we are a club, come to this world to dazzle every unconditional fan of this kind of hat and give it to them in a matter of seconds, without having to go to physical stores or anything like that. We to the modern, how it has to be!

What are the prices of ushanka hats today?

We are guides that make life easier for the user, and at this precise moment, we come with one that will make your life easier not only by searching for your Russian cap model in online stores, but also in physical stores. Also, this will allow you if that particular vendor is selling their ushanka hat at a higher cost than normal. The criteria to take into account are the following:

What type of skin or cuticle is used for the hat layer? Yes it is plasticized and very fine-tuned except for the earmuffs, it will protect little from the cold and therefore its value will be less than other models on the market . If half of its foliage is made of fox, goat, sheep or wolf skin, in short, a loose plumage and genuine fur , if it will protect you from the best of the cold and its cost will increase.

Think that the extraction of these materials is not as easy and affordable as acrylic and polystyrene materials. And if you already find models that use this coating throughout its entire structure, these are the most expensive and exclusive ushanka hats today . That is why Russian hats of the cossack type or with a loose organic fur lining of animal origin, with earring decorations on their ear flaps, are the most numerous on the market in terms of their value , if we compare them with those of the hunting or hunting type. russian military caps

There are certain Russian military-class hats that can be preserved from ancient times , worn by crew members of World War II, a detail that raises their amounts more than normal compared to other similar Russian military caps sold in the market. There is hardly any stock of these models, although you can find them for sale in remote places like Siberia or Russia.

Have you ever heard of these products?